Wombat by Yui Tsutsumi
Wombat by Yui Tsutsumi
Wombat by Yui Tsutsumi
Wombat by Yui Tsutsumi
Wombat by Yui Tsutsumi
Wombat by Yui Tsutsumi

Wombat by Yui Tsutsumi

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When Dr. Yui Tsutsumi isn't saving adorable animals, she's busy drawing them. Yui is the artist behind the incredible prints at Fluffton's Art Studio. Her work includes this gloriously chonky wombat (Vombatus Ursinus) print for our The Wild Life collection.

Prepare to look SUPER cute, with this SUPER comfy hat, featuring one of Aussie's best-loved native mar-SUPER-ials. Shop Wombat by Yui Tsutsumi today. 

  • 100% cotton
  • Soft & breathable 
  • Designed by medical workers
  • Covers over long hair in a bun
  • Buttons to hold your mask. No more sore ears. 
  • Hundreds of 5-star reviews

Our caps are designed to cover a hair bun tied just below the crown of your head. When measuring for your hat, don't forget to include your hair.  



Diameter Hair Length
Standard XS–
up to 62 cm Short–
XL+ XL–6XL up to ⁠73 cm Medium (Thick)
– Long

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Hello Woof Pack! I’m Yui, the human behind Fluffton’s art studio.  A day as a vet can be overwhelming with constant thoughts of ‘Have I done enough?’ ‘Patients are doctor’s best teachers,’ so I asked, teach me something! And I realised animals find joy in something simple. That’s when I started illustrating and creating stories through the eyes of a guinea pig, aka Fluffton, to remind myself it’s good to enjoy the simple things. Luckily, I encounter new ‘models’ daily and observing them helps my veterinary work too!

The wombat is my favourite Australian animal. Who can resist their big nose and butt! However, sadly, the northern hairy-nosed wombat, one of three wombat species, is critically endangered (can you spot him in the design?) I hope these cheeky wombats will put a smile on you and get you ready to enjoy what awaits in the theatre! 

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