6 Jang and Fox Comics to Warm Every Medical Worker's Heart

6 Jang and Fox Comics to Warm Every Medical Worker's Heart

When you look up heartwarming in the dictionary, here's what you see: 


Heartwarming Dictionary Entry

But here's what you should see: 

Heartwarming - Jang and Fox

At Dr. Woof, our mission is to make the medical world smile. But today, we've taken on a side mission — to raise the medical world's heart temperature. 

That's right! We're going to heat your ventricles and fire up your arteria. We'll start by introducing you to the definition of heartwarming herself — Jang from JangandFox Studio. 


Woof Pack, meet Jang and Fox

Jang and Fox

Jang is a Singapore-based illustrator and Instagram sensation. Since 2018, she's been delighting her followers (including us) with two-panel comics 'for children and grown up children.' 

If you work in healthcare, @jangandfox is the energy you need in 2021. Jang's work is not specifically for medical workers, but it's definitely popular in our community. There's something about her message of self-care, kindness and everyday joy that speaks directly to our souls. 


Do Jang and Fox seem familiar?

If you're a member of the Woof Pack, you've probably seen Jang's work before. We partnered with her recently to create these hair-covering heart-warmers:

Little Fox
Little Eleph

Amazing right! Wait till you see her comics! 

Six JangandFox comics to warm every healthcare worker's heart


1. Dr. Otter goes to work

When our team saw this comic, we let out a collective "YAS!"

2020 was the year of the healthcare hero. We loved seeing images of frontline workers in capes and superhero costumes. But we loved this quiet celebration of real healthcare heroics even more: 



2. Little Hedgehog finds someone to hug

One of the best things about being a healthcare worker is that we support each other. When things go wrong, there's usually someone on hand to tell us a joke or give us a friendly squeeze. 

Here's what to do when there's not.


3. Little Sloth goes at his own pace

Ahh, the feels. This comic is a beautiful reminder to appreciate and respect our autistic patients and colleagues.

Jang made it to raise awareness for a charity that every medical worker can get behind: The Purple Parade celebrates the abilities of people with disabilities. 


4. An Important Lesson from Little Fox

When you started your day today, did you think that you'd get some excellent life advice from a small anthropomorphic fox? Neither did we.



5. Lunchtime

If ever a comic sums up life in healthcare, it's this. We've all had bad days — terrible, horrible, awful days. But no day is ever 100% horrible, at least not when you've got your colleagues on hand to support you.

6. The rarest of them all

Healthcare people aren't just amazing. We're amazingly weird. 

If anyone asks you what us healthcare workers get up to in those rare quiet times, you could show them this photo. You may not have done this exactly. But, based on our experience, we're willing to bet you've done something similar.



Want more JangandFox?

Of course you do! Follow her on Instagram @jangandfox.

Plus, if you feel like taking some shiny, lovely Jang energy with you to work, why not check out our 100% cotton JangandFox scrub caps. 

Little Fox
Little Eleph


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