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You work in healthcare - which means your heart size is 37XL and your tolerance for BS is 37XS. But, what size are your scrubs?

Bust 86-92 94-97 94-97 99-102 102-107 107-112
Waist 71-76 79-84 86-89 92-97 99-102 102-107
Hip 86-92 94-97 94-97 99-102 102-107 107-112


(cm) Jogger  Cargo
Standard 78 81
Short  - 5cm -10cm
Tall - 8cm +5cm

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Frequently asked questions

Are your scrubs true to size?
If we go by exchanges, 92 - 95% of people who purchase our scrubs are happy with the size they pick. 

What is the best way to get the right size?
Your best bet is to take your measurements and match them to the sizing chart. We know pulling out the tape-measure is a pain in the arse - but it also works. We use this method to work out which scrub sizes to bring to model shoots - with no mistakes so far.

I'm in between sizes, should I size up or size down? 
We'd suggest sizing up.  Among the small group of customers that exchange their scrubs, the majority swap for a larger size.

Any plans for larger sizes? 
Yes! We are hoping to extend to 3XL in 2022, and eventually all the way to 5XL.