Scrubs & Underscrubs

Yes. A vast majority of the people who buy our scrubs are happy with the fit.

If you are not sure what size to get, the best option is to compare your measurements to the measurements on our sizing chart.

Check our sizing chart to find your size.


Yes. Our core colors come in regular, petite & tall. Depending on expected demand, limited edition releases may not include tall & petite options.

Scrubs: Cold machine wash inside-out. Tumble dry low. 

Underscrubs: Cold machine wash inside-out. Tumble dry low. 

Yes. Our range is always expanding.

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Yes! We have added 3XL in late 2023, and we will continue to expand the range moving forward.

Custom Embroidery

Yes. We can add embroidery to all of our clothing for you.

Our service is fully customisable. We have a huge range of colours, fonts and designs available. We can even embroider clinic logos and personal artwork.

Contact us to get a quote

Embroidery cannot be ordered online.

To allow full customisation, our team will talk with you to organise your order.

Contact us today to get started.

It depends on what you’d like embroidered. Please allow 2–3 extra weeks for embroidered items to arrive.

Our service is fully customisable.

Unlike other scrubs embroidery services, you are not limited to two or three options. You can select the
design that is right for you.

Contact us today to organise your order.

Yes! Show us your design and we’ll make sure it is embodiable. If it is, we’ll organize a quote.

Please note: for logos and artwork, there will be a fee to set up the embroidery plate. This fee will only apply once, no matter how many garments you decide to get your design added to.

Contact us today to discuss your design.

Yes! Talk to the Dr. Woof  team member who is looking after your order. They’ll confirm prices for you.

Tell us where you want it! Our service is fully customisable. You are not limited to left or right chest.

Contact us today to organise your order.

Bulk & Wholesale

Yes. Visit our corporate gifting and team order page for more details. Or, contact our team.

Yes, but we’ll need to have a chat first. Contact us to organise a time.

Yes. Visit our corporate gifting and team order page for more details. Or, contact our team.

Influencers and Ambassadors

Yes we are always looking to work closely with healthcare influencers across all disciplines! Doctors, Nurses, Dentists, Veterinarians, and more! Click this link to learn more.

Shipping & Returns

Please refer to our dedicated Shipping & Returns page.

Compression Socks

Standard socks: Crafted with care, our socks are made from 97% Nylon and 3% Elastane, blending durability and flexibility for the ultimate fit and comfort.

Bamboo socks:  Made with 46% bamboo fibre, 46% poly and 8% elastane for a luxurious feeling fabric with natural hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties.

Kick back and relax; our Graduated Compression Socks offer a snug, not too tight compression level of 15-20 mmHg. Perfect for those days when your feet need a little extra love and support.

Our socks come with a whole suite of features to keep your feet happy! They offer 360° seamless compression for comfort, a medium compression level to ease your day, super stretchy fabric that hugs your feet just right, moisture-wicking technology to keep you dry, and extra cushioning in the heel and toe for that cloud-nine feeling.

Crafted with care, our socks are made from 97% Nylon and 3% Elastane, blending durability and flexibility for the ultimate fit and comfort.

Keep your socks in prime condition by washing them with like colors at a cool temperature under 30°C, and letting them air dry. Steer clear of bleach, ironing, and tumble drying to keep them perfect.

Currently, we offer sizes Small and Medium. Check out our sizing guide to find your perfect match and step into comfort.

No worries here! Our socks are designed with super stretchy fabric that maintains its elasticity, ensuring you get a consistent fit and comfort, wear after wear.

Yes, indeed! Our socks are equipped with moisture-wicking technology that pulls sweat away from your skin, keeping your feet dry and comfortable all day long.

Absolutely! With extra thick cushioning in the heel and toe areas, our socks provide enhanced comfort and protection against blisters, so you can move through your day with ease.

Scrub Caps

Yes! Our caps fit heads up to 62cm in circumference. That’s hat sizes XS - XXL.

Our standard range scrub caps are 100% cotton. 

Our Perfect Match Scrub Caps are made from the same material as our scrubs.

  • Original Scrubs: 74% Poly, 20% Rayon and 6% Spandex 
  • Planet Friendly Scrubs: 92% Recycled Poly and 8% Spandex

Our Tie Back Scrub Caps have an elastic back to stretch over hair in a bun. 

To test the fit, tie a bun slightly below the crown of your head, then check that your head circumference including the bun is less than 62cm. 

1. Tie your hair in a bun just below the crown of your head.

2. Position the scrub cap on your head. Make sure the cap’s elastic band sits underneath your bun. 

3. Pull the sides of the cap down firmly while you fasten the ties at the back. 

We offer returns up to 60 days. Before you request a return, it’s a good idea to check you’ve put your bun in the right place.

• If you can’t pull the cap down fully onto your head, the bun might be too high.

• If your hair is poking out the back of the cap, the bun might be too low. 

Our Ponytail Scrub Caps are designed for long or thick hair. They have two parts: 

  • The hat stretches up to 65 cm in circumference. That’s hat sizes XS -XXXL.
  • The ponytail pouch stretches up to 40cm in circumference. That is roughly the size of a cantaloupe.

1. Tie your hair in a low ponytail or bun.

2. Position the scrub hat on your head.

3. If you’re wearing a bun, stretch the elastic hair pouch over your bun.

4. If you’re wearing a ponytail, coil it into a bun shape and place the pouch over top.

5. Loop the ribbon around the outside of the pouch as close as possible to the base of your skull.

6. Tie to secure.

We can't give an ETA on restocks. But, we can make sure you're the first to know when one takes place.

Go to the product page and use the EMAIL WHEN AVAILABLE button to request a back in stock email.

Regular machine wash with like colours in temperature no higher than 40°C.

Hang dry only. Most of our caps are 100% cotton, which means they can shrink in the dryer.


Our scrunchies are 6cm wide for a large (but not unprofessional) frill that really lets our prints show.

This scrunchie stretches comfortably up to 45cm around. You can use it with one, two or three loops depending on your hair thickness. 

For longevity of the elastic, always tie your scrunchie so that a thumb can be inserted easily under the elastic band. 

Printed scrunchies are:
100% Cotton Outer 

Polyester elastic band inside. 

Plain scrunchies are:
74% Polyester
20% Rayon
6% Spandex
Polyester elastic band inside.

Printed scrunchies: Machine wash up to 40°C with like colours then air dry.

Plain scrunchies: Cold machine wash inside-out. Tumble dry low.

Over time elastic can lose its stretchiness — especially if it is stretched out too far for long periods of time.  For longevity, always tie your scrunchie so that a thumb can be inserted easily under the elastic band.

And if you need to replace the elastic, it’s super easy. Check out tutorials on youtube! 

Scrunchies are part of our 60-day money back guarantee. They must be returned unworn with the tags attached.

For hygiene reasons we will not be able to resell returned scrunchies. So to avoid waste, please do think carefully about your purchase. 

Just add three to your cart, and watch in wonder as one auto-magically becomes free at checkout. 

Reusable Face Masks

Yes. Our masks are one-size-fits-all.

68% Rayon, 17% Nylon, 2% Lycra 13% Bioserica.® Bioserca® is a natural fabric scientifically proven to kill bacteria.

There are two steps: 

1. Use the adjustable earloops to pull the mask tightly around your face. 

2. Bend the metal nose bridge to create a snug fit around your nose.

PM2.5 particles are over 100x thinner than a strand of hair. You can find them in smoke and smoke polluted air. PM2.5 particles are dangerous to breathe in. Luckily, PM2.5 filters catch most of them.

No. Our masks are for everyday wear.

It depends on where you are and how often you are using the filter. At the very least, we suggest changing the filter once for every 12 hours of use.

Hand wash in warm water, or machine wash in a delicates bag. Air dry only.

Stethoscope Charms

Our charms are around 25mm x 25mm. If you don’t have a ruler nearby — that’s around the size of a bottle cap.

Our charms are 100% copper with nickel electroplating for durability.

Important note: We choose nickel plating because stethoscopes get banged around a lot. Nickel is incredibly strong and durable. However, it can cause allergies and other issues for some people. Nickel is not recommended for wear directly on the skin.

Our charms are not intended to come into prolonged contact with the skin. When placed correctly, they would spend most of the day sitting on top of your scrubs, lab coat or work clothes. 

Even so, we do not recommend our charms for people with a nickel allergy.

1. Slip the Dr. Woof stethoscope cuff around your stethoscope tubing.

2. Position the cuff towards the top of the tubing, just below where the earpieces branch out.

3. Squeeze the cuff shut and clip on your charm.

Once you’ve attached the charm, make sure that you have positioned it correctly. There are two tests to do.

TEST ONE: Put the stethoscope on. Hold the bell against your chest. Make sure there is no interference with auscultation. If interference occurs, loosen the cuff, slide it further away from your stethoscope bell, and re-tighten.

TEST TWO: Hang the stethoscope around your neck sideways and then by the earpieces. Make sure the charm sits comfortably on top of your scrub uniform.

Place the charm on the tubing of the stethoscope, just below where the earpieces branch off.

Yes. You can clip multiple charms to a Dr. Woof stethoscope cuff. You can also put multiple Dr. Woof cuffs on your stethoscope.

No. When the charm is attached in the correct position, there is no interference.

Check with your workplace. Our charms are easy to clean and disinfect. But, this does not mean that every workplace will allow them.

Yes. You can attach the charm to bags or keys. It comes with a ring to help you do this. 

Please note that our charms are not jewellery, and you should not wear them in direct contact with the skin.

Featherlight 50 Down Puffer Vests

As you might expect, the 50 Down vest is filled with 50% Down. This mixed with 50% waterfowl feather.

The vest outer is 100% nylon. This is water resistant and wipes down eaily.

Yes. We have fleece jackets, with more options coming soon.

The Featherlight 50 Down Vest wipes down easily & can be spot cleaned using warm water or any neutral detergent. 

For thorough cleaning: Handwash in water up to 40° with a neutral detergent. Then rinse in clean water. Compress the jacket to get the water out - wringing or twisting will damage the down .

Our vests are sized to match our scrub-tops and underscrubs. So if you know your Dr. Woof top size... you're away laughing.

If you are not sure of your top size, you can check our size guide:


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Because they’re comfy and they make you smile.

Sorry. This one’s not a joke — it’s more of a fun fact.