Medical workers wearing Dr. Woof Scrub Sets

6 Reasons The Medical World is Going Wild for These Jogger Scrubs

Hint: It's not just that they make your 🍑 look good.




They're stretchy

When you move they move (just like that)
Gif of a nurse doing yoga in Dr. Woof Scrubs

At 6% spandex, with poly for sweat-wicking — our joggers may look like workwear but they perform like gym wear.



They keep your crack under wraps

Before and after of a person bending down. With the after shot having the bottom fully covered on bending.

Some pants have a drawstring. Some pants have elastic. These babies have both. They pull in nice & snug around the waist — so you get down (and up, and down, and up, and down) without giving your patients a peep show.



They last for F&*King ever

Wash it & wear it. Over & over. For years & years.
A close up of Dr. Woof Scrubs showing the stitching quality.

We're all about sloooow fashion. That means no cost cutting, and no cutting corners on materials, design, construction or quality control. When we make your joggers, the only thing we cut is the fabric.



They're the official pants of the office pen thief

So. Many. Pockets
They're the official pants of the office pen thief

Feel like stealing every pen in your 14 floor facility? With five super roomy pockets, Woof joggers can fit up to 75 stolen pens — with room to spare for snacks, bandage wrappers & the odd empty vaccine bottle.



They really are softer than pyjamas

Seriously, it's not just us saying that 👇
A vet student laying down in Dr. Woof scrubs to have a pre-shift nap
verified customer



They're for medical workers, by medical workers

They're for medical workers, by medical workers

We know something other scrubs makers don't: What it's like to work in medicine. That's what makes our designs so thoughtful, and what makes dealing with us so easy. We offer:

✅ Free shipping over $100
✅ Personal service (ain't nobody got time for chatbots)
A 60-day money-back guarantee.* 


Ready to meet your new favourite scrub pants?