A Closer Look at The 15 Hearts Scrub Cap by Sarai Llamas

15 Hearts Scrub Cap by Sarai Llamas

Dr. Woof is thrilled to announce the latest scrub cap in our Made By Medical collection: 15 Hearts by Sarai Llamas.

Medical Artist Sarah Llamas
Sarai Llamas #medart icon 

As an illustrator, Sarai has spent years helping our community to understand anatomy, identify illnesses & conceptualise complex medical procedures. 

She also helps us smile with her quirky, clever, intricate medical art — which you can see on her Instagram page and buy prints of on her website. 

Art by Sarai Llamas

A selection of art from Sarai's Instagram page


The 15 Hearts Scrub Cap Print

The 15 Hearts scrub cap features 15 of Sarai's magical heart-themed art pieces. Since it's hard to capture the detail & artistry of each heart in scrub-cap product photos, we wanted to share the original artworks here for you.

#1 A criminal always returns to the scene of the crime

#2 My heart is like the ocean

#3 You 'octopi' my heart

#4 Life is like a box of chocolates

#5 Let it bee

#6 No winter lasts forever

#7 Shinzou / kokoro

#8 First aid for the soul

#9 From my heart to yours

#10 A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor

#11 Spring comes from your heart

#12 Only "I" can fix me

#13 Perceptio

#14: Half empty or half full

#15: Simple heart

See More of Sarai's Artwork

Instagram:  @Saraillamas
Website: Saraillamas.com

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