Embroidered Nurse Fleece Jacket - A Wonderful Way To Personalise Your Scrubs

Embroidered nurse fleece jacket

When it comes to medical uniforms, many people assume that all nurses will wear the same scrubs. However, nurses have many ways to personalise their scrubs, and the best way is to wear a beautiful and unique embroidered nurse fleece jacket.

Follow this article from Dr. Woof, and we will help you discover what nurses can embroider on a nurse fleece jacket and the great scrub brands providing exceptional custom nurse fleece jackets. So scroll down to read our interesting facts right here!

What can nurses embroider on a nurse fleece jacket?

1. Name

When it comes to personal things, nurses can't forget names. It could be your name, the nickname people use to call you, or the name of the hospital or clinic where you work.

Any name you love can be the inspiration for the embroidery on your lovely nurse fleece jacket. Many clinics and hospitals have added the service of embroidering the names of nurses and doctors on the scrubs, and they find that this brings many benefits. For example, nurses and doctors won't mistake nurse fleece jackets if left in the same place, or they can save money by making cards with medical staff's names to put on scrubs.

what nurses can embroider on a nurse fleece jacket

2. Designed logos

Another great idea you can use to personalise your scrubs is to embroider logos designed just for you. So, when you want to buy an embroidered nurse fleece jacket, you can ask the designer of the brand of scrubs to design for you an embroidery that you love.

These embroideries will bring many unexpected benefits that sometimes you don't know about. When wearing scrubs with a customised nurse fleece jacket to go with your colourful scrubs picked from Dr. Woof’s wide range of collections, you will feel happier and more confident when going to work. Besides, the fun embroidery on your scrubs will make your patients feel more comfortable and close to you, especially when you are a doctor or a paediatric nurse and often come into contact with children.

3. Special occasion symbols

The idea of embroidery with symbols of special occasions is always a great idea for your personalised nurse fleece jacket. You can choose your favourite logo to embroider on scrub tops, scrub pants, and scrub jackets, depending on your preference.

Dr. Woof Apparel - One of Australia’s best scrubs providers bringing you customised nurse fleece jacket

1. Dr Woof Apparel's embroidered nurse fleece jacket - not only good but also unique

If you are looking for embroidered nurse fleece jackets that are sure to make you satisfied, then you should try these products right away!

customised nurse fleece jacket
  • Premium product quality

Made of 100% polyester, the soft and smooth feeling when you first wear the nurse fleece jacket will make you fall in love forever. Along with that, the quality of each Dr. Woof Apparel nurse jacket is also confirmed by its extremely high durability, ensuring that nurses can wear them for a long time and still look new.

  • Stylish and sophisticated

Dr. Woof Apparel's nurse fleece jackets are the result of the best design, creating products that are both fashionable and useful. When you look closely at Dr. Woof Apparel's fleece jacket, you'll see a total of 8 functional pockets: 2 deep horizontal drop pockets, 2 hand pockets with zips, a chest pocket with an additional pen pocket, 2 security pockets inside the jacket, fleece lining on the inside of the jacket, an upright collar with back neck ribbing for comfort, and a full length zipper.

2. Dr. Woof Apparel - provide everything you’ll need

Dr. Woof Apparel is known as the leading scrub brand in Australia. We are highly regarded by nurses, doctors, and beauticians not only because each Dr. Woof Apparel product meets the requirements of good product quality, durability, sleek design, and unique design. But in terms of size, we also have very professional support services.

  • Embroidery service on scrubs:

At Dr. Woof Apparel, we also have a service to embroider logos and names on fleece jackets at the request of customers so that medical staff can confidently wear unique, personalised nurse fleece jackets to work.

  • Shipping service:

No matter where in the world Dr. Woof Apparel's customers or retailers are, we're happy to send full and quick wholesale scrubs right to your door.

Visit Dr. Woof Apparel's website to receive great deals on your first order as well as get huge discounts when buying scrubs in bulk. And if you're interested in learning more interesting facts about scrubs, check out the articles on the Dr. Woof Apparel Blog.

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