Medical Creator Spotlight: Dr. David Convissar of Count Backwards from 10

Medical Creator Spotlight: Dr. David Convissar of Count Backwards from 10

When you're scrolling Instagram, there are certain things you expect to find. 

Things you see on instagram


But, here's something you probably didn't know you can find on Instagram: 


Meet Dr. David Convissar of Count Backwards from 10

Dr. David Convissar

Dr. Convissar is a Critical-Care and Cardiothoracic Anesthesia Fellow, and a sugar-skull scrub cap connoisseur. Check out his collection. 


Dr. Convissar's Skull Cap Collection


When Dr. Convissar isn't hunting down sugar-skull apparel or ferrying people safely in and out of consciousness, he's making medical workers smile with practical, pertinent advice on anesthesia and critical care. 

In his own words:

Quote from Dr. David Convissar of Count Backwards From 10

Does Count Backwards from 10 sound familiar?

Woof Pack members might be thinking of our 100% cotton COUNT BACKWARDS FROM 10 scrub cap.



Dr. Woof are huge Count Backwards from 10 fans. In 2020 we decided that we'd like to see one of our caps on the head of one of our heroes. 

When Dr. Convissar mentioned that he only wears sugar-skull designs, we knew exactly what we had to do. We worked with him to make the ULTIMATE sugar-skull scrub cap for anesthesiologists and anesthetists. 

Take a closer look at the design

 CBF10 Design 

Cool right? Well,  not nearly as cool as the platform that it is named after. 


Four reasons we love Count Backwards from 10 (and you will too)

1. Advice you can use

Count Backwards from 10 is a no BS zone. Everything Dr. Convissar shares is accurate, practical and useful.

If you'd like an example, here's one of our favorite posts from last month. This little gem is helpful for anyone who does physical exams. (It probably comes in handy for your weekend DIY too. )


2. Lessons that don't put you to sleep

Count Backwards from 10's lessons and White Board Chalk Talks are super engaging and easy to follow. You could listen to one on the bus home from a 14-hour night-shift and still take in every word. 


3. A sneak peek into the life of an anesthesiologist  

If '80s rock-bands can have groupies, why can't medical disciplines? Bon Jovi and Brett Michaels are probably interesting. We doubt they're this interesting:


 4. Joy

There's something about watching Count Backwards from 10 videos that makes us happy inside. It could be the rush of learning something new, the inspiration that comes from watching someone who clearly loves their job, or a little bit of both.



Want to see more Count Backwards from 10 posts? 

We thought you would. Head over to Instagram and binge your heart out.

If you're an anesthesiologist, you might also like to head to the Count Backwards from 10 website and check out Dr. Convissar's books. 


Want to see more Count Backwards from 10 posts? 

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