Meet the medical artists behind The Wild Life Collection

Meet the medical artists behind The Wild Life Collection

Buckle up, Woof Pack! There's a new collection is town, and it is WILD. 

Buckle up, Woof Pack! There's a new collection is town, and it is WILD.

The Wild Life collection is a celebration of wildlife around the world. 

If you're wondering why we called it The Wild Life and not The Wildlife, it's because the native creatures on these caps are not the only wild thing about the collection. 

  • The caps are WILDLY comfortable
  • The designs are WILDLY spectacular 
  • And the collection is brought to you by WILDLY talented artists from the medical community. 

Discover the designs and meet the artists below 

Andeetee Scrub Cap Designer

Greetings Woof Pack! I'm Andrea or Andeetee. Being a scrub nurse, I am in a sterile and often rigid environment for most of the day. It basically requires me to be on full adult mode, which can be quite exhausting! Art helps me tap into my inner child and just let go and let loose.



The design I chose for Dr. Woof is the happy little Quokka with flora from their natural habitat in Rottnest Island. I chose the Quokka because they are just so darn adorable. I hope that these having these unique, tiny creatures on your pretty little heads will make your day brighter.

McKenna Duidak Scrub Cap Designer

Hello Woof Pack! My name is McKenna Dudiak, and I am a first year nursing student. I have always had a passion for art, and I LOVE to work with vibrant colors. Sometimes the world can be a little bit dull, so experimenting with color is always a way to brighten up any situation!



My design for Dr. Woof was based on a native animal to the United States of America. I decided to go with the American Alligator because they are also native to my home state of Mississippi. With this piece, I added in bright colors while keeping the alligators quite neutral. I also added in various plants and animals, like cattails, turtles, and fireflies, that are very common in an alligator’s natural habitat! I hope this cap makes you smile just as big as these little gators!

Jordan Jacobs Scrub Cap Designer

Jordan is a D.D.S candidate at University of Michigan. On designing a cap for Dr. Woof, she says "I'm so geeked to see something I drew turn into something people wear."

Jordan Jacobs Art

I chose the American Red Squirrel for my design. I have been on Michigan’s campus for almost 7 years now and one thing I can say is that the squirrels here are well fed and loved.

Alycia Tsiang Scrub Cap Designer

Hiya! I’m Alycia, aka Leesh. I’ll be a fresh baby vet (terrifying!) in a couple months and throughout my years of study, have used art as a way to get some downtime, let the creative juices flow and hit the reset button. I love using what’s around me as my inspiration, from marine animals to fungi in the parklands.

Alycia Tsiang Art

The design I chose for Dr. Woof is the sugar glider amongst my favourite Australian flora. In my time volunteering at a wildlife shelter, sugar gliders are always full of energy and sometimes a bit cheeky! I hope having a pop of colour will give you positive vibes and add a bit of spice to your day!

Yui Tsutsumi Scrub Cap Designer

Hello Woof Pack! I’m Yui, the human behind Fluffton’s art studio. A day as a vet can be overwhelming with constant thoughts of ‘Have I done enough?’ ‘Patients are doctor’s best teachers,’ so I asked, teach me something! And I realised animals find joy in something simple. That’s when I started illustrating and creating stories through the eyes of a guinea pig, aka Fluffton, to remind myself it’s good to enjoy the simple things. Luckily, I encounter new ‘models’ daily and observing them helps my veterinary work too! You can find my designs featured on animal print scrubs Australia.

The wombat is my favourite Australian animal.

The wombat is my favourite Australian animal. Who can resist their big nose and butt! However, sadly, the northern hairy-nosed wombat, one of three wombat species, is critically endangered (can you spot him in the design?). I hope these cheeky wombats will put a smile on you and get you ready to enjoy what awaits in the theatre! You can also learn more about scrubs featuring these adorable creatures.

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The Wild Life Collection is on sale now. 

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